The world of maybe, lost love and regret…

Do you notice that we spend much more time deciding what to order at a restaurant when looking at the menu full of entrees than the one with just limited choices?
So does the situation when it comes to choose who we want to be with.
With the advancement of technology, the world can’t be flatter than it’d ever be..
People are getting busier on things that don’t matter and lazier on those that are worth pursuing. By saying people. I mean it includes myself.
We have too many choices now. So many that we’ve developed a new terminology called FOMO.

I don’t care how you get to know that lady or in what way you got his number and you guys start talking. I bet I’m going to lose when competing with you in listing the platforms from which we can easily, comfortably have someone accompany us virtually or in person.

All the flame briskly ignited through deep conversations, intense chemistry and soul-matching kinda of interaction. We thought we found The One till we swipe again. And another flame ignites.

Tell me when it is the last time you got a very clear answer as Yes or No, or more often than not, what you get from people is “Maybe”.
“Shall we catch the movie this weekend?” “Maybe”
“Wanna join me for the city tour at night?” “Maybe”
“Why does he never text me back, is he busy? Like really busy?” “Maybe”
“So…are we together…after 6 months of intimate talking and hanging out?” “Maybe”

Screw you, ”Maybe”. Such an exasperating word in this modern dating landscape.

Because we have too many choices. Because we are too afraid to make decision and stay committed. Because we always hope there is something/ someone better out there. Because “No” will close the chapter. Because “Yes” is too scary.

So, “Maybe” is absobloodlylutely perfect.


The person who keeps getting too many “Maybe” answers decides to stop pursuing into the grey field


The person who keeps giving too many “Maybe” answers starts to feel the void from within…and maybe..the regret..

The love is lost…anyway

2016, please be a year of just straight “Yes” and “No”.
Everything else which needs more consideration and thought, is a “No”..until you are really turn it into a “Yes”.
Silence is a “No”..until you can hear the shout of “Yes” loudly.
Mixed messages is a “No”..until there is no guessing and questioning.
Don’t give false hope. Don’t make excuse. Give clear signals. And once the “Yes” is uttered, stay committed. Shall we?