I Loathe Love

Why is relationships shoved down my throat with every scroll, with every commercial, with every conversation. Is that the stamp of approval that I needed all my life? Another human being to say I’m worthy of the air I breathe? It’s a mirage. Marriage, a relationship, the idea of having someone “love” you. It’s all B.S. these Instagram relationship guru’s straight single don’t even have a carton of milk in their fridge… if they do it’s because some desperate woman bought his “I can do bad all by myself” t-shirt. Making money off of their hopes and dreams. A hope deferred makes the heart sick. This whole journey is about preparing to meet the man of your dreams F that. I’m preparing to meet myself. A man is not in my horizon. Why didn’t I get a choice in what being a “woman” meant. By herself?… No she’s always attached to a man. A no good man who ain’t shi** That’s always acceptable. Is it only black men that give us scrapes and expect roses from us. This is how a wife is supposed to be… I could barely walk and I was being prepared to take care of a man who more then likely wasn’t prepared to take care of me.

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