Notes / Things to think about

Although I have a strong idea of what I want my business to be these are the points I need to keep in mind..
USP — What is the businesses unique selling point? Why would people come to my business instead of others?

Clients — Who is going to be buying my product? What type of products would these clients be interested in? What packages would I cater to these clients?

Marketing — how will the business reach these clients? how will i get my product and business out there?

Legalities — what are the legalities that concern the business / copyright of images

Commissions —

Website — setting up a website will be really important to the business, letting customers see our work and contact us regarding jobs. This will also allow us to sell prints to outside parties.

Copyright — how will the copyright laws effect the business? how can we stop people from taking a screenshot of the website whilst still viewing a potential product at a good quality?

AOP — Association of photographers- will this be of benefit to me / the business?

What is my product? — High quality images of horses and owners. This will be broken down into packages that the client can choose.

Finance — There are a couple of options i have for financing the business. Both me and Ellie already have high quality cameras but we will still need money for the initial start up of the business. I have a reasonable amount of money saved up as does Ellie, which we could use to fund or partially fund the business however i think it will be beneficial to look at banking loans and grants to so we can see what are options are.

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