Social Media — Instagram

As part of our social media to campaign to a wider audience and get our work ‘out there’ Ellie and myself have created an Instagram page that we both have access to. This is a good way of keeping people updated with our work and what we are producing as a business.

To increase our following and activity on our page we have been making use of hashtags, tagging our work with relevant words and themes. We have also been following similar pages to our own. This has in turn gained us more interaction and a following.

Here you can see that we have gained a number of followers over a few days. As we have been very active on our page and keeping up to date with the hashtags we have gained more interest on our page.

This is something we will keep updated as we make more work, we will also encourage our customers that if they are going to put our pictures on their own Instagram, to tag us in their pictures to link their followers to our page.

As we have now created a website (which I will cover in another post) I have linked the website within our Instagram’s description box so that if anyone is interested in more information or making a booking they can follow the website or the contact email address we have also put in the description.