Test shoot / starting images

As we want to produce high quality images for clients, we need to practice taking images to make sure when we do have clients we can provide a product they will pay for and not be disappointed with.

We arranged to go back to my home in Sidmouth as I have horses, even though they weren’t the cleanest! This gave us an opportunity to play with angles and lighting. I am very comfortable around horses however Ellie had not been around them in a long time so was slightly nervous as they are large animals. My comfort and confidence around them helped to put her at ease quickly. We started by photographing them outside, in the field in which they are kept, however these images were lacking. The lighting wasn’t brilliant and as we were unable to borrow flash lighting we were mainly focusing on imagining the images with a backdrop or as if we had lighting equipment.

As you can see, these images do not have a high quality feel to them, however when looking past this i think these types of images and framing could work very well with a backdrop and lighting.

Whilst shooting we could see that we were not getting the images we wanted so I suggested moving the horses into the stables as this is what I had done for one of my shoots for a project last year.

Image taken last year as part of a project

This image is closer to the style of images we want to make, therefore we moved the horses in to the stables and used natural lighting. As the light was only coming through the stable door it was very limiting to the type of shots we could make however it does improve the lighting significantly and allowed us to create images we were happy with…

Although these images are not perfect and we still have a long way to go, these are closer to our final product and with more practice and investment in to the correct lighting I am confident in our ability to create images suited to our clientele.

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