Website Design / Final Product

We have decided to have the website url as

This does then not limit us to just horse photography and allows us to branch out into other areas. Such as dogs, people and weddings if those opportunities arise.

Here are the details and explanations of the design of the final website.

On the home page we have included one of our images which fits across the screen, making the first impression one to remember and to showcase our work. Giving the viewer a good insight into what our product and business is. We have included the business name at the top centre of the page along with the links to other pages. This bar scrolls down with the page so the viewer does not have to scroll back up to the top of the page to go to a different page on the website. I have found this a very good feature and that it makes our website very user friendly.

home page

Over the image of Zeb (the horse) there is also a link to the gallery page.

home page / info page

This is the information about our business. This is located under the image of Zeb and users can access this either by scrolling down to view it or by clicking the info link. This is where we have explained our business and told users where are business is based. We have also included our names here to make it more personal to the user.

Underneath the information we have included four of our images, once we have more images we will update this and possibly turn these into links to their own album of images.

social media page

The next page is our social media page. Here are direct links to our Instagram and Facebook and it also features a stream of our Instagram feed to keep users updated. This will automatically add our images that we post to Instagram onto the website.

social media page continued

Here we have bolded the link to our Facebook page to draw the users eye and make sure they know where the link is. It would be nice in the future to add the Facebook and Instagram logos as I think this would give it a modern touch. You can also see the ‘Powered by Squarespace’ link. This has an option of being removed but Squarespace encourage you to keep this on your page as it can generate a higher number of viewers.

gallery page

The next page on our website is a gallery page. This can be accessed by the bar at the top or by clicking the link over the image of Zeb that is titled ‘gallery’ on the home page.

gallery page continued
gallery page continued

The gallery page is quite bare currently, this is due to us only doing one shoot. However as soon as we take more images we will update this page. This lets users view our work and each image can be clicked on and enlarged.

About page

The next page on our website is our about page. This is different from our info page as rather that being about what the business is it is about the history behind the business / why we wanted to set the business up / information about Ellie and myself. Here i have included my background on horses to help people feel comfortable with us around their own animals. We can also update this information to relate to other areas of photography if we need to.

contact page
contact page

The last page on our website is a contact page, stating for anyone who want to make a booking or make a further enquiry to contact us. This is linked with our joint business email and send to there so that we can both access it and reply to people.

Overall I am very pleased with the website, I think the design is smart and professional and makes our business look expensive and have a certain quality to it. Although it was difficult as first to design I quickly got used to Squarespace and now I feel at ease making changes.

The only thing currently to add to the website are more images — which will be uploaded when we shoot again; and a pricing page, which is in progress.

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