Website — setting up

It was crucial for our business to have a website. This allows people to view our work and get a feeling for what our brand is and what our business is about.

To do this we tried multiple website templates and decided that Squarespace was the best option for us. I then began customising the template to fit our brand. This included changing the background colours, text, font, font colour, adding images and customising the page design to fit our business.

Screen shot whilst designing website

This screenshot was taken early on during the creating process. This font has now been changed to one that better fits the branding of our business, to match the logo etc. This was difficult to do as there was not as many options of font as there are on photoshop therefore we had to choose the closest match. Once we were happy with the design it was time to send the business live. To do this we had to upgrade from a trial account. Luckily for students there was a 50% discount once you signed in with your student email account. Therefore i added this email to our account and it ended up costing us £60 for the first year (£30 each) which we considered a good deal for a good quality website. Squarespace also offers good support, if we had any problems they have a good reputation of helping their customers. They have their customer service lines open 24/7 and have an easy to use search section for any problems you can solve yourself.

squarespace help page

So far we have not had any issues with the website so have not needed any customer service, however it is reassuring that it is there 24/7.

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