Work Experience

James Pyne is a south west based photographer who mainly photographs horse events. I was free one weekend where a local event was taking place so offered to photograph for free so I could have some experience in the equine photography sector. I have mixed feelings on event photography coming away from this. Although I really enjoyed the day and was successful at doing the photography — people buying my images; as a sector within equine photography to start up a business, I can see it as very challenging. The current businesses in the market are very established and well known as well as having a good client base. This would make breaking into the industry very difficult. The turn round of the images is also very fast. Whilst the photographers are out on the course or at the event another person comes around to swap the memory cards so the photographers continue working whilst the cards are put through the system and images are sorted into images of rider numbers or classes so that when a rider is finished competing they can view and buy the images before they leave. The images are also uploaded on to their website where the customers can buy them. This also has it’s flaws, the images have to be a good enough quality for the customer to view and buy the images however even with a slightly lower quality and watermark across the image people still screen shot the images to upload to social media. Because the images are only worth £10-£20 for a small print it is not worth investigating however does impact sales.