19 Ways to skyrocket your Efficiency & Productivity with TextExpander!

I am a person who LOVES testing new Tools which help me in my daily Business life.

Time is my most important asset and I appreciate tools that could reduce even 1 click, save me 1 minute, help me not to do any type of recurring tasks during the day.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

I am willing to try anything I see, but the tools I finally keep as part of my everyday life are not that many after all…

Lately I am so fascinated by TextExpander so I thought I would share how it has saved me time & trouble. I have been using TextExpander for just a few months, and I have not yet utilised it’s full potential.

Imagine never typing the same email address, chunk of code, brand message, directions or data more than once. Store them in a snippet — a keyboard shortcut you create. Use them for yourself, share them with your team, update across all your devices. — TextExpander.com

In essence you type a small shortcut, for example mysignature and when typing that, it expands to a Full Message you have created.

TextExpander comes with a monthly fee. Being an Entrepreneur myself I am more than happy to pay for services that provide me with value.

I could easily see myself as the Robin Hood or the Mother Theresa for the work of developers around the world.

I love paying for their services and I never regret a single euro I spend on those.

However, if you are the type of person who does not like paying for online tools then you might want to look for an alternative to TextExpander (there are various ways you could automate everything I mention below).

I initially setup my Groups of text Snippets (mainly for organisational purposes):

Those are separated into my main engagements:

  • Appocalypsis: Appocalypsis is our SaaS platform which helps marketeers and business owners create widgets that convert visitors into customers.
  • 9AM LABS: 9AM LABS is a Web Development Software House
  • Startup: Startup.gr is a News Portal about Entrepreneurship in Greece
I then created a few Groups which are categories per Activity or Purpose:
  • Code Snippets: I am a developer therefore I use chunks of code everyday
  • Queries: Useful queries that I use on a daily basis
  • Emotions: Based on my feelings towards an e-mail that I want to reply I can find various patterns of replying to that e-mail.
So those were the initial groups I created, now here is a list of 20 ways I use TextExpander after my initial setup.

1.Appocalypsis Support Tickets: We have a Support Ticketing System. 
I created a list of replies for various occasions. for example, by typing closed i get this

I will mark this Ticket as closed. If you have any questions, feel free to re-open the ticket just by replying on it will automatically re-open.
Thank you for using Appocalypsis.com

9AM LABS Related:

2. Send my Company information and Bank Account info. I type company and I get all formal details of my company.

3. Send a standard text along with the Invoice i send to my clients. I type invoice and I get the whole e-mail ready.

4. Send pricing terms to my clients. On a daily basis our current and potential clients ask us for payment methods. I type paymentm and I send them a bullet point list with alternatives.

5. Fast responses to clients. Examples include a more fancy e-mail reply for issues such as:

  • We have made the changes you asked for, take a look…
  • We have not yet made the changes you asked for, we will get back to you…
  • We are currently working on your request…

6. New clients always come by the office for appointments and meetings. I have a predefined response that I mention my office address and all different ways and information on how to get there. For example which Metro Line to use, or if you come by car where are the nearest parking stations and so on.

Startup.gr Related

There are so many ways to save time on requests you receive on News Portals. For example we have created canned replies for situations as:

7. Companies asking for Advertising Requests. We have a canned response mentioning a list of our Advertising Options.

8. Companies asking for us to be their Media Sponsors. We have a canned response mentioning what we can offer, what we cannot offer, and a link to our Media Kit.

9. People asking to become Authors on Startup.gr. We have a canned response letting them know what they need to send us in order to become authors on our Website.

10. People asking us to interview them and present their Startup. We have a canned response sending them the questions they need to answer and the procedure that will follow after that.

Code Snippets, Queries, Useful Functions

Just a bit earlier in this post, I said that I am a developer. 
Well…. I am not a real developer, i just know how to code :) 
So, i usually find what i need online, or ask for my colleagues to prepare a code snippet for me in order to do what I need.

I have now created a mini library of code snippets that I believe I can do almost anything with them. (code snippets, sql queries, examples of important functions).

Even though I absolutely love stackoverflow, w3schools and google search I now use them at least 30% less time than I used to.

Code Snippets

11. DB Connection chunk of code so that I do not need to copy paste files when I want to create something for testing purposes

12. A select query along with a while loop which returns data from the database. I only change the Table name and Columns I need and I am ready to go. I have 2 types of select queries. One providing me results with pagination and one without pagination.

13. I query databases most of the time so I have created a small list of useful functions and their related examples. So, whenever I need to refresh my memory (I’m turning a bit old by the way so that usually is needed) I return that mini library of mine and I have ready made examples of almost 80–90% of queries I might need within the day.

14. A list of 150 useful functions that I might need while writing code and I do not want to move my eyes away from my focus.


15. A list of websites and/or links that I use all the type such as: 
GT for Google Translate, DR for Google Drive, CF for my Google Sheet that i keep my Cash Flow, TD for my ToDo list and so on.

16. Terminal commands for my Mac, such as Show Hidden files, and various FTP related commands that might seem handy from time to time.

show > defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES
hide > defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles NO

17. Sometimes, I need to say again and again the same things to some of my clients or to my colleagues. So I have a set of snippets for those occasions. For example:

reminder > do not forget to update your time sheet and your to do list

18. I also keep my Credit Card number for cases where I cannot use PayPal to make a subscription or a payment to buy a tool.

19. Based on how I feel about an e-mail I receive from clients I have created a few snippets which include an image for quick replies that are not text only. Such snippets include: Thank you, I love you, You are the best, You are welcome, Stop the Madness, You Rock, Where is my money? :D

TextExpander offers a lot more that you can combine with it’s main offering.

  • All your snippets are saved online so you can access from all your Devices
  • You can share certain Groups with your colleagues (team) and share your knowledge and techniques with them. Even better if they also do this for you as well!
  • Last but not least, TextExpander automatically understands when you type stuff again and again and suggests to you to create a snippet for that!