How to save your time, working as a freelancer?

Accept it or not. Time is the most valuable resource for anyone. Professionally and personally. Without managing time efficiently, a business can never succeed. This is why every business — a startup or corporation invest so much in hiring managers and executives who can plan things for them.

But how can a freelancer working from home, or a blogger or internet marketer working from home and earning money online can manage their time efficiently?

1. Don’t do everything by yourself

Did you read in any book or blog that as a startup or a freelancer, you should do everything hands on? That you should code a website yourself, cook for your team and get into client meeting personally?

Let me assure you. This idea is shit. Do not spend your valuable time on something that you are not good at. It’s good to be a all rounder. But imagine the effect that would have on your business. Instead of spending your time on something cheap, you can pay others to do the same and invest your time on something useful

Outsource laundry. Outsource writing. Outsource designing. In the time you saved, read some startup books that will help you in organizing yourself

2. Data! Data! Data!

Always use the data in hand to analyze how you can finish a task efficiently. Instead of depending on your inner instincts to select a market or a product, always rely on the data. Do an A/B testing on your products, your audience.

Let the data lead you to your decisions.

3. Organize everything

When I say organize, I am not just talking about the projects. I am referring all the small tasks in your plate including the replies to emails. Note everything down. Right from beginning to end. Assign them a time.

This will help you to finish everything on time and attribute work to others.

All the best. Enjoy your life as a freelancer.