The Opposite of Evolution
John Peterson

I have to admit, I cannot live without my phone. And of course, I cannot live without Internet. I am a big fan of social media. I spend most of my spare time, especially little pockets of time, on social media platforms, trying to see what everybody is doing. I read tons of articles talking about how bad social media is, with titles like “Why I Deactivated Facebook”, “How Much Time We Have Wasted on Social Media Platforms”, etc. The times I read them, I feel shameful because I have wasted so much time on non-sense. But, several minutes later, I would open those apps again. The reason why I never try to get rid of them, even though I read so many anti social media articles, lies in that I feel it becomes one of the main ways of socializing. Face to face communication cannot satisfy human’s needs today. Since we have such high mobility, our friends will not always be close to us physically. Seeing their updates and keeping in touch through those platforms by easily opening them up and browsing for several minutes, how easy it is! Even though you haven’t seen him or her for a while, you haven’t missed any important things that have happened in their real life. Social platforms are not a virtual world, but a magic pocket holding everything for you.

But I still love what you have said and I do agree some disadvantages technology has brought to us. It is all a matter of how we treat it and what we are choosing!

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