UI Animation. Microinteraction for Macroresult.
Tubik Studio

When designing a digital product, oftentimes we are likely to ignore detailed microinteractions by purely focusing on high level stuff. However, user experience is everywhere. Users won’t give a high rating for a product just because it can get things done. They care whether it can get things done smoothly, and they care whether it is delightful and let them always feel at ease while using it. In this case, a little feedback when pressing a button, a cute animation when scrolling to refresh, a simple animation when loading a page, all become an important part of a product. Taking care of details is always hard: it is either too easy to attract designers’ attention as they all want to take some WOW part to build or too tiny to catch anyone’s attention. But users will know, and details will become as obvious as any other part of the product in their eyes. So please be careful, designers.

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