I’m a Lefty and I Joined a Trump Supporters Facebook Group: Here’s what I learned
Blakeley Nixon

Nice summary. I also follow his supporters, more so on Twitter than FB, and my observations are similar to yours. But one theme that keeps popping up I believe is relevant and significant — fear and hatred of pedophilia. I suspect that many of these fans, especially the males, experienced sexual assault in childhood or youth. The stats state that at least 17% of men and and 33% of women were/are carrying this wound into adulthood. IMHO there is little else that activates the fear center of the brain than a rape. For a lifetime if left unhealed. And a blind rage is easily triggered with just a slight reminder. And walls and guns are necessary to feel safe, when one has experienced an intimate attack, complete with all sorts of threats, especially if it came from a trusted caregiver or mentor, which is usually the case. And to the victim, strangers appear more threatening than average, out of proportion to the true threat. Raping the boy effectively controls the man with minimul effort from external prompts. Turns him into a raging bull. A fighting machine. Or a sexual predator himself. And steals his potential for intimate relationships.

I think elitists have been using rape, of both boys and girls, for centuries to control others and serve themselves. Men should be as infuriated by rape culture as women are, because boys are targets on a massive scale.

One of Putin’s tactics is to compromise a man by controlling him through lust and fear. Pull the right strings, a vulnerable man gives away the family and the farm at the sight of a sexy young thing. Trump truly is his puppet. So are many of our lawmakers. Compromised by the simplest trick in the book.

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