5 Steps which successful people follow every f**king day

These might help you in long run.

If you are reading this, then I am sure this story is for you. I have been seeing so many medium stories about what successful people did and how you can also become successful by doing that so.

This is Shit, rather than spending time on reading these type of stories, spend time on yourself. Try to find what is so unique about you, what are the things which you like to do everyday… Invest in yourself.

According to me there are no successful people in the world. Success to me is just that people have put an hard work on something which they wanted to accomplish. No single human would stop with single accomplishment, you have to run every day.

Even those people, would have never thought doing this/that would make him/her so called “successful” people. You do the thing, which you like to do about. Fame, Money etc., are by-products. Knowledge is the only thing that would help you in long run.

If you invest in yourself, may be one day someone else might be writing about what you did / how you did. I am sure we can’t stop people who write these type of stories and brains which want to read those. It is just my perception on these type of stories published in the internet.