There’s no doubt about it, a global pandemic will take the wind right out of your sails.

Turn on the news nowadays, and all you see are rising numbers of people who have been infected by Covid-19.

What else is rising are the numbers of countries affected, and of course the mounting death toll.

Obviously, you’re unhappy, terrified, and wondering what the “new normal” is going to look like when the Corona virus is done wreaking havoc on the world.

You are not alone

You’d like the world to go right back to where it was before this admittedly frightening hard left turn it…

My depression has always been overwhelming.

I’d never kill myself because I wouldn’t do that to my family. But, there have been mornings when I said to myself “if I got into an accident today and was killed, that would be alright.”

Moving through life was like trying to run quickly to the shallow end of the pool but starting in neck deep water. Slow and exhausting.

Still, I dutifully swallowed the recommended 11 pills and supplements every morning and four every night after dinner.

A new day. A new appointment with my psychiatrist. …

It was going to be so different this year. This was your year to trip the light fantastic, grab the bull by the horns and capture that ever elusive brass ring.

You were a Gladiator in January, shouting “are you not entertained?” to the rapt crowd watching you work out feverishly in the gym. On. Top. Of. It.

And you rocked a solid three months of frenzied self-improvement activities before it happened.

You hit the snooze button.

Not once, not twice, but five or six times in a row before deciding today was a good day to take a breather.

It came out of the blue.

He had introduced you to his entire, extended family at a recent family reunion of his, and everyone liked you.

The two of you had talked about getting married — even going so far as to discuss the children you would one day have.

And the last conversation you had with him about your solid future together was two days ago.

He was pumped, eager and ready to turn the page and start fresh. He told you this vehemently. He loved you, he said.

Now, suddenly, you find yourself on the other end of…

It’s happening again.

You feel that familiar pit of dread in the middle of your stomach growing bigger and bigger until you think you’ll choke on it and gag in front of the whole office.

You might even throw up, and wouldn’t that embarrassment add some juicy spice to the already buzzing office gossip line?

One of your co-workers is looming over your desk yelling at you. …

Vicky Batson Poutas

I am a freelance blogger whose aim is to help people with negative mental health issues who want to move forward and feel better about their prospects in life.

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