India’s Flourishing Online Presence

It’s been a year of great ups and down. Some flourished while others saw a downward trend and some even collapsed. 2016 is ready to be welcomed and everyone wants to forget the negatives that passed and carry forward the positives they achieved. Internet has played a major role in the past year. Number of internet users have increased drastically, so is the websites.More number of people in a developing country like India have an internet access today. People are more engaged on social networking sites and hence the communication gap has decreased to a great extent. People are purchasing the items on internet through E-commerce websites as they have very little time to go for shopping. Technology has impacted IT Sector the most.

As I had mentioned earlier, the number of internet has increased so is the websites. One can find different types of websites on the internet as they are countless. Many companies or organisation have their own websites which gives a detailed description of the services or products they offer which makes it user friendly. Nowadays even small shop owners or small businesses have started their own websites so as to attract more and more number of consumers. One can say websites have made the world a smaller place to live.

One might be thinking the procedure through which one can be an owner of a Website. The first step is choosing a good domain name, domain names represents website names in website registration, one can register a website from many Website Registrar available on the internet. Once domain names are registered it can be called as URL( Uniform Resource Locator). It uses the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. A domain name can be registered from a period of 1 year upto 10 years according to the needs of the person. Once your domain name is registered you are the rightful owner of that domain name for a period for which you have registered it. It’s better to renew a domain name in advance before its expiration as anyone can book the same domain name.

As the domain registration procedure is over your website is almost ready to go on air. Now comes the part of Web Hosting, In simple terms Web Hosting is a procedure which helps your website to remain live for a specific period. Most of the domain registrars provide web hosting service as well which makes it easier for us to choose the best web hosting package for a website.

A good web hosting provider will help you to choose the best web hosting package for your website. A hosting package should be taken according to the size of the Website. Hence a good domain registrar and hosting provider plays a major role in the presence of your website on the internet.