The Why!

Recently, I tweeted

This tweet was not just an out of the blue enlightenment; it has been in my subconscious for a long time, but I never actively tried to unearth it. If you are creating a startup, you will probably agree with me that there are times when you wonder why you are doing this and what its real purpose is.

I ask these questions often while building Totspot, and I try to seek a better answer every day. Maybe I subconsciously know the answer already, but now I have finally unearthed it to consciously understand “The Why”.

Totspot is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling used clothes for kids. However, our mission is not just about enabling people to dress up their kids. Instead, it encompasses a much bigger vision.

I often buy clothes for my kids on Totspot, and I’ve realized I do this not just because I want to save money, but because it gives me joy to see my kids feeling happy when a package arrives at our doorstep. I see their happy faces as they are opening the packages, and I also become happy.

So, Totspot is not just about helping people find a better way to dress their kids; it is about people finding happiness through the process, and it is about raising happy kids.

Why am I building Totspot? My answer to “The Why” is that I want to enable parents to raise a whole new generation of happiness. This is my vision for Totspot, which has begun to change the world. All this, and we have only just started.

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