Why Mathematics is not universal!

I have always come across this phrase: 2+2=5, which obviously is mathematically wrong. But I wondered why. Why can’t it be right? What is 2 and what is 5? Who else uses 2+2 besides us?

Looking at Maths, I realize that we as humans have a habit of dividing everything to the smallest bits possible and thinking that every small bit has an individuality of its own. That is, it is countable.

What if things are not meant to be countable and there is no indivuduality? What if everything that seems different is in fact, part of the same thing? Why do we need math to inject differences in everything? Why are there numbers at all?

I get it that numbers have solved a lot of problems for us, But if you remember Newton’s laws also addressed a lot of problems, until they failed at a bigger scale. Then Einstein’s theory of relativity came to the rescue to solve problems at a bigger scale.

What if numbers fail to solve our problem at even bigger scale. Is the speed of light really constant at 3,000,000 km/s? What if the numbers are not reliable at this speed? What if the space itself is not measurable? How would speed really matter?

There are a lot of questions and the answer is obviously not 2+2.

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