I fired the judge in me! And employed a new one

It hit me few months back. I realised I was falling into the trap again. A trap that saps you of energy, focus and attention. And most importantly peace of mind and your smile! In last few months, because of the perfectionist in me taking over and little ignorance of mine, I was again getting into the vicious cycle of continuously judging people and events. I am sure it keeps happening to all of us and it is acceptable to some amount. But if it becomes a habit, than it needs to be done away with. Why my mind got into it? Maybe I had too much time to think! I, like anyone else do not like being judged so why should I do it to others. May be the mind likes it, but that itself should be an alarm to keep away from such temptations.

I got into too much of judging other people’s behaviour and trying to get people and their actions right. And soon everything and everyone seemed to be a problem. Slowly I realised that imperfection was not outside but in the way I was seeing it. Rather than seeing imperfection in people, we can very well see it as a movement from one point of perfection to another. Everyone is evolving every moment and the whole cosmos is moving towards perfection. And we all are part of this great phenomenon. So why break your head into getting things right? Just accept it and respond in the best way possible.

I felt I should better focus on my own mind and work on perfecting it rather than putting focus on other’s imperfections. A better, safer, calmer way of living life. A way to be happy and centred.

Mind is like a river, constantly changing. It is fluid and nobody can tell how it will behave next. A group of us ArtOfLiving folks recently saw a discourse on Patanjali Yoga Sutras by my Guruji(Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji) and it really helped to understand what mind is all about. With this knowledge, I think I am in a better position to guide myself into handling mind and making sure it remains a good friend and not turn an enemy. A mind that is directed toward the Self and not out there in the world creating misery for one self and others also. A mind that is calm, content, meditative and happy is all we need.

Realising the mistake of being judgemental was the starting point. And then accepting it was the next step. And then working on it the third. And now I am happy that I am moving towards being less involved in judging others and more into working on my own short-comings. Hope I remain this way for a good amount of time.

I fired the judge in me who was constantly engaged in pointing out negatives in others and employed a new one. This one is totally focused on me and keeps reminding me about points I need to improve upon. 100% focus on oneself. Life is much better with this small change.

I would like to end with something I heard from one of our Art Of Living teacher by name Khurshed Batliwala (aka Bawa/Bau).One of his friend after doing the Happiness Course said

It is easy to change one person than changing 7 billion people on the planet.

Now it might be more than 7.5 billion! I believe life is all about making one’s own observation, perception and expression purer. Everything else is anyway not in our control.