Let us thank the family first! Then others

I opened my LinkedIn today and something on my home page caught my eye. One of my friend’s connection was moving on for new opportunity and was thanking firm, clients, colleagues , family and friends. The post went something like this (i have removed names as it does not matter in this context)

As I embark on the next step of my career, I would like to thank:
- the Executive team, my direct team, extended teams and everyone at [firm] for giving me a platform, providing support and having trust and confidence me over the last decade. It has been a truly enriching journey!
- all my mentors and supporters in [firm], [client-firm], Clients and the friends and family network for always believing and being there to advise me
- all my Clients for opening up to me to build a trusted relationship and for all their support through this journey
- Last but certainly not the least, to my family for always being very supportive and letting me sacrifice lot of the family time amidst travels etc.

Everything is fine here, except one. I am of opinion that a person should thank the family first. One thing that has stood and will always stand for us no matter what, is family only. And it deserves its place and should be always given first place and then should follow others. Companies, clients, colleagues,mentors are important in professional space and should be given due credit but what stands like rock-solid support is family. Others might stand only till you get them some profit and you are an asset but love and support of family is like a diamond. And also close friends in that matter. Pure, unconditional and rock-solid support at all times. And that what makes it so important. If we can not give them time, at least we can give them their due place in order of showing thankfulness.

It is a small but a important mindset change and much needed in today’s world. I think people in 21st century have allowed their work to intrude so much into their personal life that they forget that it is not the #1 thing. You, your family, close friends and your life are #1. Then comes others. This order is very critical and we all should get it right if it is jumbled up. I make sure i thank the family first and then others. If you agree, you should also start doing the same. If you are already doing it, nothing like that.

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