Unreturned Love

Note: I wrote this story as part of writing prompt by WritersMelon by same name. Word limit was 500 words.

It was a lovely morning in the beautiful town of Nainital. Rajshree was sitting in lawn of her ancestral home and feeding her morning guests. This was everyday start for her for last few years. There will be around 30–40 pigeons coming every day. She wakes up early and prepares something for them every morning and is helped by her full-time maid Edama. Edama was now more of a friend, a family member. In last few years Rajshree has made a strong bond with nature and people around. Pigeons will stay and spend some time before flying off. They will sit on her lap and move around her trying to express their love and affection. They can’t speak her language but used to express their love through actions, and this made Rajshree feel like being with family again. So much love showered on her for such a little act of kindness!

It is 8:20 am and Edama reminds her “Madam, it is time to go to school”. After her husband passed three years back, to keep herself busy Rajshree started teaching basic math and english to poor kids of locality. At age of 65, doing something like this was new to her but getting busy was very much required. Her son with his family was in city and was not that of a frequent caller and visitor. She fell in love with teaching and spending time with kids. Another beautiful way to start the day! In evening, she used to take classes for uneducated, poor men and women there and teach them about food, hygiene, health and lot many relevant things. She had become like a mother to whole locality and took care of them the way any mother would take of her child.

Last few years had been great learning experience for Rajshree. The son who she cared and mothered with so much love never bothers to call much, leave alone caring and visiting her. The love she poured on her child, she thought will come back in multitudes. Soon she understood it was useless expecting it. She then started doing some good for people and world around and made sure she is always available for help when needed. Whether its pigeons, school children or poor, uneducated people of locality. She found that the little love and care she showed to them came back in aplenty. The more she cared for others, more love came to her from corners unexpected. There was no lack of love in her life now as there was always more than what she could ask or expect. She understood that love returns in aplenty when given more through caring for others and not when we keep expecting it. The cards made by kids for her birthday today and spree of warm wishes and celebrations for her by people around made her day. Life was full of love and celebration, thanks to the wonderful family she had today. A family worth loving and caring for!