Focus on Progress, not Perfection

This is something I’ve been forgetting for the past few months. OK, maybe perfection is not the proper word to use as a comparison. I just liked the title because both words started with a “P”. Ha. Anyways, lately I’ve noticed I keep feeling disappointed in myself for the things I haven’t done or completed.

Examples: My room is still not organized to the way I like, I haven’t exercised consistently, etc.

Just last week, I felt this way, and surprisedly, I reminded myself to focus on what I did accomplish that day and it made all the difference in my mood throughout the evening. It’s so simple!

Then the week passes by, and I forget again. And I’m back to feeling disappointed.

What I realize is that we must practice this mentality on a consistent basis despite our beliefs if it’ll work or not. It’s just like taking a college course, and going home to do homework. The more you practice, and do it, the more it is engraved into your mind. And if you get your homework back and it is incorrect, then you know what needs to be fixed. In comparison, if you practiced this mindset incorrectly in the wrong situation, you will know not to do it next time. I can’t think of an example at the moment, but it makes sense.

Therefore, the goal this week for me is to practice having that mentality throughout the day in most of the things I do. I’m going to do my best to resist acknowledging what has not been done, and focus on what I did do instead. I’m not going to hope this works, I’m going to know it will. Practicing any habits that will benefit you is always better than not trying at all.

With that said — I’d love to know if others are feeling the same or have felt this way before. What do you do to bring yourself back up?