A Man No More
Esmeralda Palafox

Stories such as these are always a confusing read because even though we know what the characters are doing is morally incorrect, the author still finds ways to get us to sympathize in controversial ways. It’s clear to everybody that he (Nan) IS apart of a group that intends to rape a helpless woman, but still there are various indicators in the story that he may have felt remorseful or had good in him that told him not to carry out what he planned. After taking much thought, I do feel that he is a good person who indeed felt the pressure to conform to his circle of the militia… because even while he was about to go through with his action, thoughts of his future wife continuously flooded his mind. I don’t think Nan believed that taking a woman by force was the only way to become a man, however intercourse as a society is always generally accepted as the path to becoming a man. As Fatima stated in class, Rape is considered a power move if there ever was one. Many men seem to think “No” means “Yes”, and if you can get a woman to “change” her mind as you’re making moves on her, then you are the dominant in control.

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