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Mr. Miller,

While I’m not looking to pick a fight, there are some issues of disagreement between us.

While I applaud your rejection of Mr. Trump, an odious man, I reject the simplicity of your premise.

Your premise ignores that Donald Trump is not an aberration, but the logical conclusion of over 40 years of Republican policy. Mr. Trump’s stance on Latinos, African-Americans and anyone else who is not white is no less racist than the Southern Strategy employed by Republicans since the days of Nixon and hammered home by Ronald Reagan. It’s less subtle, but no less racist.

Mr. Trump’s policy on taxation is no less an economic fallacy than Mr. Reagan’s trickle-down theory, which is now Republican dogma.

Mr. Trump’s confusion (to put it kindly) around climate change is no less reprehensible than the dogma of a party who had a senator deny climate change based on the evidence that he was able to bring a snowball into the senate in the middle of winter.

Mr. Trump’s voter suppression strategy differs only slightly in tactics than the strategies used by Republican governors across the country.

Mr. Trump has consistently sought to undermine the legitimacy of the mainstream media — again this is a continuation Republican tactics. So now you have a large portion of the population who only believe what they see/hear on Fox or read on the appropriate twitter account.

Mr. Trump seeks to undermine the legitimacy of this election and therefore U.S. democracy. How is what he is doing really any different than what your party continues to do at every turn? A senate which has not even given a hearing to a extremely well qualified candidate for the Supreme Court. A Congress which investigated Benghazi 8 times, which voted to repeal Obamacare more than 60 times. Or a member of the House who boasts he already has 2 years worth material to investigate Hillary Clinton on. While we’re at it, could you possibly name a more investigated woman on the face of the earth?

Members of your party have already promised to block any nominations to the Supreme Court Hillary Clinton might make if elected. Members of your party have continued to slander Planned Parenthood despite overwhelming evidence that the videos were fraudulent. Members of your party (one of whom you know every well) used Terry Schiavo as a stage upon which to grandstand. Members of your party claim to be pro-life when in fact what they actually are is pro-birth.

Until your party is willing to address the issues of gerrymandering (which creates safe seats for both parties but results in an almost guaranteed majority in Congress for Republicans), a tax policy not based on a myth, environmental policies based on science and not magical thinking, rejects the Southern Strategy and is willing to put the interests of the country ahead its own, I for one, will never have any respect for them — or for the people who put their heads in the sand and think it only needs a few minor tweaks.

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