We have always been at war with Eastasia.
Michael Arnovitz

As a conservative, let me just address the Wiki-leaks and Putin issues. There is a mountain of difference between releasing purloined classified government info as Wikilieaks has done in the past, which threatens the lives of Americans in the field and abroad, and releasing the e-mails of a very corrupt, quasi-private organization like the DNC and John Podesta. There is a cosmic irony in having the candidate who broke all the e-mail rules and a government establishment that supported this being brought down by having her (organizations) mail exposed. No election machines were hacked as a majority of Democrats believe, and no one disputes the validity of the released e-mails, nor was classified info leaked in the DNC releases, so this case is miles apart from what Wikileaks was doing before.

As for Putin, he is a thug and a kleptocrat, but he is not the all knowing ringmaster that the Left is making him out to be as a scapegoat for an embarasing election result and as a means of deligitimizing the president-elect. Russia has been hacking our system for years and Obama has not done anything about it, but now that it fits a narrrative he is finally taking action for political vice national security reasons. Excuse the pushback on the right, but I’m not getting on the hacked election train now when there is no election hacking and it’s such a raw partisan move.

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