Anatomy of a LinkedIn Post and Comment

Let me start by noting that I do not know or follow Jamie on LinkedIn. Another member I’m linked to had liked Jamie’s post. Obviously, this was not case for everyone who commented. So I have take this opportunity to take a closer look at the post and a particular negative comment.

Interpretation of an author’s writing is relative to the reader. Sometimes a readers perception is quite different than the author’s intent. Half of what you do in a literature class is to try and determine the “meaning behind the words” of a poem or story. This goes for both posts and comments.

I know that some posts and comments are simply trolling for clicks. The post and associated comment I’ve chosen have past the litmus test for not trolling. Both seem genuine; Jamie nor the commenter are trying to sell anything or make reference to unrelated information.

You can read my breakdown of the post and comment next to the picture of Jamie and his partner above. You can also read my previous article on negative LinkedIn comments here.