Writing That Matters
Mateja Klaric

I absolutely agree. Lately I read a lot of posts where they suggest to write as much as possible, regularly. They do not stress the same way, the importance of REALLY having something valuable to say, something that is worth the reader’s time (at least in intentions, of course). You tried to balance the trend ;)

Anyhow, I think that there is a natural high ratio, between quantity over quality. Usually, quantity wins. When quality wins, chances are there is also quantity. Woody Allen said he assumes the spectator to be intelligent. That’s why of many profound jokes, and pleasant movies. You can see them more times and still discover something new. But he is rare, and at the beginning of his career, when he was a comedian, he was adviced by his agent to push his presence live, and on TV too, at least for a couple of years, then it would be different. Quantity was not an option. It was mandatory, for widening his public. In his case, he was ALSO capable of high quality levels.

People like him exists, and we can address our attention to them. But for one Woody Allen, there are few other good authors/directors and a lot of trash movies with monumental budgets. Or a lot of authors without a “responsible pen“.

The “quality way” is the only option I see, but we have to be aware that the road is very tight and that the sound out there is that of the “quantity masters”. The time you dedicate to quality, is not dedicated to popularity and conversions. Unless you are really a full time genius, and that does not happen often. I’m not resigned, and I chose my way, but it will always be a very hard fight, as long as you are nobody. It’s a law of physics.

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