Almost every decision is based on money, even in one‘s personal lives.
Pride extends into July for some but that is not known to everyone unless, you are gay or have a…
Mariah Adams

I don’t agree on this part. Most of my decisions in life, even business decisions, were not based on money. Nor decisions taken against my will.

I think that decisions, most of all in business, are driven by ignorance. And ignorance may give you illusions of personal profit, as power, money, acceptance and so on.

I worked with forward-looking people, who didn’t consider age an issue. I personally recruited persons above 50 (when I had a job). When ignorance level is low (not in the sense of education), good things happen.

I know that the world is usually not going this way, of course. But if they don’t recruit me is not for money. They are probably not gaining more money with that decision. It’s simply because they don’t know to relate persons value with business value over time and because the presence of older people is someway more challenging. In some cases young people are ok, in some cases not. In the absence of management abilities, they opt for the safer and cheaper decision.

Ignorance leads to short-term decisions. Money is an evident and practical factor. But unaware emotions, mind laziness, cowardice, are much strongest causes of decisions, even in business.

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