I love using apps of all kinds and, to be honest, to do apps are what made me used to writing to…
Atiba Shaikh

I still use Evernote for a lot of things. I’m quite in a mixed mode, now, between my app and Evernote. I’m not prepared to go analogue… 😊

Thank you for asking of my app. Unfortunately it’s only a desktop custom app. Distributing it would be a problem for upgrades, for now. It’s Kanban-like but I plan to extend to more flexible views. Maybe a future project, but it’s quite complex, expecially to build it as SaaS, with mobile apps and so on.

My main problems were a proper hiearchy management and a satisfying visual approach. I tried many professional products, but I was still unsatisfied.

This app is a whim. Custom apps are really too expensive to design and maintain, for personal use.

Here a screenshot, to satisfy your curiosity.

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