I’m on the Other Side

I love this place. I and my wife came here many years, on holidays. This year, I wanted to return here one more time.

I’m resetting my life. Quite from scratch. It’s not a joke. And many other things have changed in a few years.

I can say that a full volume of the book of my life has been closed. Not a chapter. A volume.

I wanted to be here as the last addendum to my previous life. I had to say goodbye to the old me. I cannot enter a new phase with the old me. But I also wanted to live one last episode, even if out of time.

Looking back, I can see how rich have been the middle years of my life. But alongside the good times, there had been bad choices and, of course, dark moments. It was a minor version of me, that drove that. I thought there was a future for the real me. The truth was that years went by. Now they’re gone, and the real me has a very hard work to do, to start over. Luckily, it’s not the end. But it’s very late.

Opportunities are no more there. I decided a different path. It’s all transformed into memory. And sealed forever. What was the future, now is the past.

I have another volume left to write. The last one. There’s no more space for crap.

I miss what has been. I miss what could have been too. But I have to say goodbye.