Vico, this is an area I totally agree on.
Jackson Noel Davies

Jackson, I’ve mixed feelings about your comment.

While commenting may become an automatic way of partecipation or exposure — also exploited — I don’t believe that the whole thing looks like an idiot board or a sort of call to action for dummies, especially here on Medium, and I think that the terms you used may be offensive to someone who does not deserve them.

I’ve known a lot of interesting persons, here. I’m also particularly proud of my small readership, because there are deep and interesting authors among them. Maybe I’m lucky, but I’ve a lot of thoughtful comments on my articles, along with simple and sincere thanks. I don’t feel like a well dressed chimp, even if proverbially speaking. I built connections with readers based on the content and on interesting sharing.

Promotional comments may happen but I see them more as an exception, and I respect them, if they are not blatant.

I don’t ignore the mechanisms of the media, but I think that here on Medium the vast majority is trying to build or partecipate to a different experience. Many of us may have success and stats in mind (writers need that) but at the same time joining such a good community is like reaching an oasis in the desert. I’m sure that many of my new acquantainces here have a similar feeling. And I see that there are connections beyond automatic commenting.

I’m the first to complain of the lack of depth of authors and readers on many platforms (and we can extend the concept). But I’m going in a different direction and I see many others willing to do this, here.

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