Refreshing…My Blogging
Louise Foerster

Let’s frame my surprise in the appropriate context.

Last week I read very little, here on Medium. And my bookmark list is definitely out of control. This week-end was a busy one and I read quite nothing at all. Going to sleep, yesterday (sunday evening), I was tired but I said to myself: “one story, at least!” And I picked one of your stories; this one.

It was a brief and “friend” reading. I rarely travel without my laptop, and I understand the feeling of leaving it at home and taking an off-line pause. Also, I envy your productivity, and your scheduling your posts for the off-line period is like a utopia for me. A positive and pleasant feeling emerged from your post.

I was already projected toward a brief comment of appreciation (considering the late hour), when… Wait… Is that my name?!? :O I read it again and… it was my name.

The surprise was double or, I would say, triple. I’m not a known author and very few friends mention me in their work. So, the suprise of been mentioned by you and with such kind words. But what really struck me even more was that I literallly stumbled on your story after 20 days since its publishing, among many other stories in my reading list. An incredible coincidence. Needless to say, it was a welcomed surprise and I postponed my commenting to this morning, to say thank you in a proper way.

I felt guilty about reading your post so late, as I feel guilty about not reading and supporting enough my preferred authors. Medium is a wonderful place, but the offer of good content is overwhelming. It’s a pity not to have time for all such good readings. I’d suggest to use the @, when mentioning. I know that I may seem not discrete (I often feel so, when mentioning), but it’s the only way to allow others not to miss your article.

One question: seen that I sometimes (often?) miss the continuity of the posts, — if you can tell it, of course — who’s V? :)

Well, Louise, if some of my words were of inspiration for you, I’m really glad to hear that. It’s fuel, for me, as for any writer. So, thank you for your kind mentioning, hoping of being a more diligent reader of your work… ;)

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