No, I Won’t Be Just Fine
Mateja Klaric

Mateja, thank you for sharing this brutal experience. It’s amazing that after that you can write it so lucidly. I had similar experience with my loved job. Still, I dream of it every night, after 5 months, and it’s not pleasant. Even the closest people cannot understand, and you do not want to scare them anyway. I know it will not be for short. I’m someway more lucky than you but I still have a lot in front of me. I decided to not search for any “career” job, if any would possible. I lived the “career” and I saw what too many “entrepreneurs” who believes in you can do when it comes to interest. I’m disgusted and I don’t want to waste my life for them. Actually, I couldn’t. It’s my moment (I’m 48, so I’ve probably waited enough already) to follow my dreams, and it’s tough, as you know well. Your posts are helping a lot, in my restart, and are helping a lot of people. Please, keep writing and resist. I know it’s much more easy to say, but every little income you gain this way it’s because you helped someone and because you’re trying to be real, and your best. This matters. A lot. Thank you.

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