On Medium platform balancing

And the lesson in it.

I’m new to Medium but already noticed that commenting (and recommending) matters. This thing of comments as stories seems in some way to balance the author presence, between reading and writing, giving a bit more value to the author himself compared to his own posts.

The following article made me think better about this thing, and I have to thank its author Ravi Shankar Rajan. It’s not his only good article on the matter, of course.

I still have to understand well, but maybe it’s not important to understand. I think that the platform designers have interest in promoting quality content and quality authors, so they keep that into consideration when designing and balancing the platform. They surely make mistakes, as the challenge they face is not a simple one, but that’s the direction.

Among other things they reward bringing value in a complete and consistent way. This is an important lesson in general. We should less focus on tips and tricks and pay more attention on “delivering value” and be present, as successful authors already know.

As in life, we get when we give. We are able to write when we read. They show to us when we show to them. We are loved when we love. You got it. It seems to me that at Medium they got it too.

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