How To Use Medium: A Guide For Bloggers
Tim Rettig

Tim, I agree and I’m absolutely convinced that Medium cannot be the primary home of your writing if you are serious about your writing or your related business in general.

But I’m even more pessimistic.

I’m not sure Medium is interested in you as a writer. Your posts just live a couple of days and you’re not even allowed to have a custom profile. Medium is just interested in the continuous content generation and interaction. No more.

And I’m also not sure they’re much interested in readers too. No decent reading list or way to manage your followed authors or way to follow comments on some articles. Easy features, important for readers.

They’re just interested in a fresh flow of new customers and continuous presence of the current ones. From a business point of view, it may make sense, of course, but anything of this has something to do with the original vision.

Medium is still the best community out there and it’s good to be here, but, as authors, we cannot rely on it.