I Learned About An Interesting Japanese Concept
MR. Molly Maguire

While I appreciate and respect the concept of Ikigai, and I’ve meditated myself on it, I’m a bit skeptical.

Being paid has something to do with needs and the perceived value. But I don’t think it has something to do with my reason for being. It’s easy to see outstanding contributions in the past from people who didn’t manage (or wanted) to get money from what they did. Money is a “constraint” for me, and much advisable, but not part of my reason for living.

Also what your good at is pretty relative. If you’re a learner, it’s a matter of time. If you’re motivated enough, you’ll learn. If you’re not a learner, what you’re already good at starts to be more important, but I suspect that the Ikigai will be the least of your problems.

Loving the process is a big benefit, and much needed in the long run. Without that, you’ll lack energy. But still, if you are motivated, you can do sacrifices and be satisfied with what you’re doing.

What you think the world needs — deep inside— is what is most important to me. That is the necessary point and that, alone, can be a reason for living.