You May Have Missed on Medium in November (Issue 2)

Göttweig Abbey library, Austria — Source: Wikipedia

Despite the commitment of many authors to NaNoWriMo, November has been full of outstanding articles, on Medium, as usual.

I promised a less verbose issue, so I won’t repeat why and what.

Two novelties, in the list: some members-only posts and one bonus post from the previous months.

The November list

✳️️️ The Moment When You’ll Finally Change (3 min)
Kris Gage
About the one emotion that will finally allow you to change.

✳️ Why many of us run into the Paradox of Choice in our lives (9 min)
 — Larry Cornett, Ph.D.
If you want to reinvent yourself and have too many options, you need to read this.

✳️ Where is your Home? (6 min)
 — Siddharth Srivastav
Clarifying article on finding your way as an entrepreneur.

⭐️ Members: Writing in the Ether (4 min)
Lisa Renee
A relaxed perspective on the authentic writing which doesn’t let itself be spoiled by stats.

✳️ Nobody Knows What You’re Doing: Magic Robots & the Case for Marketing (3 min)
 — Jeff Goins
If you think you’ve talked enough about your work, read this and consider again.

⭐️ Members: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Best Habits (4 min)
 — Josh Spector
Your best habits may also become a trap. Four crucial advices to avoid it.

✳️ Tales From Rock Bottom (3 min)
 — Brian Brewington
I hope you never hit the bottom. Words from someone who did more than once.

✳️ Bruce Lee: How to Think Like Nobody Else (6 min)
Zat Rana
The unobvious legacy of Bruce Lee about true intellectual confidence.

✳️ Let Your Family Think You’re Nuts (3 min)
 — Chris Marchie
No expectations to conform, from your family? Good for you.

Bonus post

✳️ The gift of Sensemaking (August 2017–3 min)
Lyubov Timofeeva
I couldn’t believe this had a single fan. Clear words about life instructions and the cost of freedom.

Have a precious reading.

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