Welcome to the last GSoC report.

This blog post is intended to be a description of my work for submission to GSoC’s Final Evaluation.

This blog post also marks the end of an amazing summer. This summer, I got an opportunity to share knowledge, views and code with some of the most brilliant people I have come across, contributing to amazing Open Source project Plone.

The Organisation

From the wikipedia,

Google Summer of Code 2016— Two weeks into coding period.

In my last post Plone theme development- part 1, I gave a brief intro about Plone and Plone themes. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into Plone theme development by developing a theme which also happens to be my GSoC project.

We’ll be using Clean Blog theme but you can use any other theme or you can design from scratch, Using a static theme will help us focus on the rules part and not on the styling of theme.


  1. Python
  2. pip
  3. virtualenv(+1 for virtualenvwrapper)

Install these if you don’t have…

Google Summer of Code 2016 — One week into coding period.

Finally, The coding period for Google Summer of Code 2016 has started and I am going to develop new themes for Plone. Plones’s by its website is defined as:

Plone is the premier Python-based CMS.

Actively developed since 2000, it’s available in 40+ languages and supported by a passionate worldwide community dedicated to quality.
With an excellent security track record, sophisticated workflows and enterprise integration, it scales from local organizations to global corporations. Plone is owned by the Plone Foundation, a not-for-profit organization

If you want to learn more…

  1. Adblock (Productivity)
  2. Adblock Plus (Productivity)
  3. Be limitless (Productivity)
  4. Bubble Cursor (Productivity)
  5. Colorzilla (Developer tools)
  6. Dragdis (Productivity)
  7. Facebook message seen notifier remover (Social & communication)
  8. Go to IMDB (Search tools)
  9. LivePage (Developer tools)
  10. Notifier for Twitter (Social & communication)
  11. OneTab (Productivity)
  12. Pushbullet (Productivity, Android, iOS)
  13. Save to Pocket (Productivity, Android, iOS)
  14. Stylebot (Developer tools)
  15. Webpage Screenshot (Productivity)
  16. Youtube Center (Accessibility)
  17. SimpleExtManager (Productivity)
  18. Vimium(Productivity) — must try!!

Vikas Parashar


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