Plone theme development- part 2

Vikas Parashar
Jun 6, 2016 · 4 min read


Development setup

#virtualenv users:
$ virtualenv mrbob
#virtualenvwrapper users:
$ mkvirtualenv mrbob
#virtualenv users:
$ source mrbob/bin/activate
#virtualenvwrapper users:
$ workon mrbob
$ pip install mr.bob
$ pip install bobtemplates.plone
#Here THEMENAME is the name of your theme, we'll use 'clean-blog' for this tutorial.$ mrbob -O plonetheme.THEMENAME bobtemplates:plone_addon
--> What kind of package would you like to create? Choose between 'Basic', 'Dexterity', and 'Theme'. [Basic]: Theme
--> Plone version [4.3.6]: 5.0
$ python successful execution of above command run
$ ./bin/buildout
$ ./bin/instance fg
Welcome to Plone — Site
Welcome page
Form fields

Thanks to Akash Nimare

Vikas Parashar

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