Can Farting burn Calories?

Have you heard of the saying ‘One fart burns 67 calories, and 52 farts in one day can burn up to one pound of body fat’? This online weight loss tip gained the attention of thousand weight watchers lately. Google reflected on a Facebook page “F A C T” as the source of information.

After a thoughtful research, the report was rubbished. Farting may help some health benefits, but it cannot contribute in burning off your calories. Farting is a procedure of releasing the unwanted gases formed in the body due to undigested food or over eating. It does help in achieving comfort and relaxation, but cannot help you burn calories.

Farting indicates a healthy gut. Reports suggest that a few farts every day suggest that the microbes inside your stomach are performing their duties efficiently. Farting can also reduce stomach bloating. The release of unwanted gases can instantly provide you with comfort and a flat stomach. Surprisingly enough, the foul smell of the hydrogen sulfide gas that we release through our farts can be a health benefactor.

Does Farting Help In Burning Calories?

After the leak of this silly idea, some serious weight watchers started looking for means or food sources which would assist them in increasing their daily fart production. That may be the answer to the sudden rise in bean sales!

But unfortunately, there is no truth about the news. Farting is not a practical mechanism for weight loss. Sad for the weight watchers who could have never even thought of such an easy method to get rid of the extra calories.

There is no denial in the fact that we keep losing weight even when in a resting mode, so releasing the pent up pressure of gases contribute to your daily workout. But, saying that we do not suggest that farting can be considered as a candidate procedure for losing weight. It is just an excuse for the lazy bones to skip their workout sessions.

To our amusement, a website named Fat Loss School advised that spending extra units of energy in contracting your belly muscles to release a powerful and noisy explosion of gases might help you lose out on some calories. The strain caused by the procedure of contracting the abdominal muscles can lead to a hike in your blood pressure. But not even the best increase in heart rate can help in burning fat until you accompany the process with some squat and crunches.

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