How to overcome fear of being criticized?

Victoria Specter
Oct 26, 2017 · 3 min read

“Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say. But if you aren’t being open to constructive criticism, you aren’t truly growing as a person.” — Unknown

It is pretty hard to feel all warm and happy on the inside when our Instagram story gets a mere two views in the past 22 hours, let alone the negative feedback that we get from our superiors! But to be successful in life, it is important to accept being criticized both personally as well as on the professional front.

How to Overcome The Fear Of Being Criticized?

This is how you can kill your fear of accepting criticism without even shedding a tear of sorrow.

#1. Criticism Does Not Mean You Aren’t Good Enough

Yes, criticism definitely feels like absolute rejection! Criticism feels like this thing is just about you and it is not good enough. But try to understand the difference here — rejection is what we really are scared of, but criticism is just a vehicle to carry it. It makes you think that you are not worthy enough and that you do not belong to the situation. It becomes like a fatally exposed wound which keeps aching time and again. You cannot handle the emotion of being worthless, and you may want to just might disappear. But, comprehend the fact that criticism is an external aspect whereas the fear is internal. You are enough, and you are worthy of each act that you do. Instead, ask yourself how would you respond and not react in the situation as a whole?

#2. Each Act Attracts Both Appreciation As Well As Criticism

You should always understand that admiration is not a permanent phase. Each of your acts attracts both appreciations as well as criticism. So, do not let that stop you from trying to do things in the best of your capacities. Learn from what people advice you and keep moving forward. Someone has rightly said that we would never grow up if we wish to ignore looking towards the other side. Everything that happens to us has some hidden or apparent lessons. So, always keep in mind that everything that is worth doing involves both recognition as well as rejection!

#3. Seek Not For Approval But For Improvement

This is the best philosophy to adopt when you want to overcome your fear of being criticized. Make sure that you are not steering away assuming the criticism to be a social rejection. Instead, make sure that you are drawn towards it as a cradle of insight. Start considering the positive and productive side of criticism rather than accepting it as a flaw. Help your own self in finding the newer you and do not focus on your insecurities. You don’t have to seek anyone’s approval but seek for the ways in which you can improve.

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