Ways to Protect your Privacy at Work

We are merging our office and homes. While we surf Facebook in the office, we do take the pending work to finish at our home. We fail to separate the two. People also become good friends with their colleagues and go out for beer and pizza after the office hours together. Many people do socialize with their co-workers. But doing this is just the trouble around to happen. What if we told you that your employer can go through every email you send out and receive. It will make you feel uneasy right. So you should be taking some precautions to protect your privacy while you are at your workplace.

#1. Read Company’s Privacy Policy

You should know that many companies have policies which require the employer to do any random check on email and calls that are being done during office hours within office premises. If you are using the company system or connection to do that, they have the right to go keep an eye on it. So do not feel yourself at home sending personal email and making calls. Your office might not restrict you from doing so, but if they keep a tab on you, you cannot object to it then. In exchange for a pay, you give up your privacy when you use company systems for personal use. Make sure you know all policies the company holds against your privacy, so you know how to defend it if and when the time comes.

#2. Separate Devices

If you want to keep your personal details to yourself, then avoid using the company laptop or any other system to access your email. Do not surf through your social media accounts during your work hours in the office. Anything that you want to keep private should not come on the company system. Use your own cell phone to check your messages or wait to get back home to surf through Facebook pages on your personal laptop. Do not mix home and office. Even if you have some urgent work during office hours, try to go to a cyber cafe to access your emails or other things. This will help to keep your details and account private.

#3. Social Media Posts

We love to share about our life on Facebook and Instagram, but do you know that the details you share are prone to be misused. Avoid using the details of your office life on social media. That is at times against the integrity of the company too. Even if it is not, it is always a bad idea to show your emotions on social media. Suppose you hate your boss and you demonstrate your anger on Facebook where some of the colleagues are in your friend list. Although your boss is not a part of your circle, the word can easily reach him through other employees who can see that post. So it is better to maintain your privacy by not posting too much about office life.

#4. Mark Your Personal Files

People at workplaces have a very nagging habit of going through the files of other employees. This happens a lot if you share the lockers to keep your bags and stuff. So, if you carry some personal files or papers to your office, keep them in a folder and put a CONFIDENTIAL mark on it. This will get others to keep their hands off of it. Your personal documents are safer this way from getting in the hands of other.

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