English Music

England is a very big part of the music scene of the world.

British parts of the music world: Brit Awards and UK charts

To appear on the charts or attempt Brit Awards is a very common goal for musicians all over the world.

Englads has some very big artist like:

Ed sheeran and Calvin Harris

Genres they perfom: Pop, house, disco

Another famous british music genre is Grime.

Grime is british street rap, which originated from the streets.

Famous Grime artists would be:

Skepta , Stormzy, JME

Examples of Grime:


Forms of popular music in the UK is folk music, jazz, rapping/hip hop, pop and rock music. Music has particularly flourished in Britain since the twentieth century. Britain has influenced popular music disproportionately to its size, due to its linguistic and cultural links with many countries, particularly the United States. The UK and the US is kind of centres of the 20-century music world.