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HCI/Applied AI Researcher with interests in usable AI. ML Researcher at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Google Dev Expert for ML. Future posts on

Explore CNNs applied to the task of semantic image search and view visualizations of patterns learned by pre-trained models.

ConvNet Playground is an interactive visualization for exploring Convolutional Neural Networks applied to the task of semantic image search. It allows you explore the performance of multiple pre-trained CNN architectures (and intermediate models based on each architecture) for feature extraction on images across various datasets.

Was it easy? How much data is needed? Does data quality affect results? What did the GAN learn?

African Masks generated using a DCGAN model.

Credit: O’Reilly Flickr
  • Jupyter has been embraced as a way to easily share code, analyses and results both in academic and industry settings. …

NVIDIA DGX-2 Workstation, 10x faster than the DGX-1 released 6 months ago. Source.
  • NVIDIA AI announced new GPUs, and native integration of their deep learning inference optimizer (TensorRT) with TensorFlow.
  • There is growing interest in building simulated environments…

A collection of random examples generated by the model given datasets from the RDataset collection..

Victor Dibia

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