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I’m writing this reply not for you, because I’m well aware I can’t change your mind. This is more for any other person who might read this and might change their mind about universal healthcare.

First, if you aren’t capable of getting a high paying job then you are unskilled and likely played instead of studying or just sat on your butt instead of planning for your future.

Do you think there are an unlimited amount of high paying jobs out there? It must be, if you believe that those without such a job are dumb and lazy. Hey, if they hadn’t been, they could’ve had such a well-paying job. Right? So what do you think of people who choose not to have a highly paid job, because they want to work in a profession that doesn’t pay well but can give a lot of job satisfaction, and are crucial to society, like carers for the elderly or children, teachers, chefs, architects, chemists, fire fighters or paramedics. Screw them, right?

If you can’t get one high paying job then get two jobs so you can provide for yourself and for any kids you bring into the world. That is how it was done in the 80’s, I knew people that had three jobs.

Ah yes. If you need to pay for unreasonably expensive healthcare, just work harder! Who needs a reasonable working standard? And if they have three jobs, maybe they’ll drop dead from overworking! Problem solved! Really, our argument is ridiculous. If someone has a leaky roof, you do not suggest adding more buckets, you tell ’em to fix the roof.

And if you are 50 years old and too lazy to start your own business or too stupid then Home Depot is hiring or Labor Ready day labor.

Same non-argument. See point above.

And most people with diabetes have it because of life style choices and are not blameless. If your parents had it and you are going to get it then you better work your butt off while you can and plan for your future.

Diabetes caused by a bad diet is indeed a serious problem. But does it help by kicking all of these people off healthcare? This issue has to be solved separately by education, promoting better options and by setting decent standards to the food that’s produced.

But idiots like you believe that socialized medicine where the government pays is the solution but it is the problem because yes the big businesses are in cahoots with the government to keep prices high. Once the free market works and people have skin in the game by paying for their own healthcare then prices plummet as people shop for the best price.

What best price?! You mean those cheap medicines that are magically going to appear thanks to the government and big pharma that are totally not keeping prices artificially high?

And yes, if you are that stupid to live your life sitting on your butt and not saving or providing for the future and you come down with cancer or heart problems then yes I would rather you die that see you steal money from other families or people on fixed incomes in the way of high taxes. If you want to steal from grandma to pay for your life choices and inevitable health problems then have the balls to rob them face to face.

And here you are deftly excluding the majority of the population who are decent, hardworking folk who get diseases or have accidents due to no fault of their own.

And you don’t want to provide as safety net as you put it by putting money away for your future and working hard to earn a decent living, you want to steal from others so that your self inflicted health problems are paid for by the money they earned actually working.

I don’t know what you’re trying to say here. Universal healthcare is EXACTLY like putting your money away for the future. Universal healthcare is an agreement we make together as a society, to agree to put a percentage of our income to a common purpose to pay for healthcare to any who need it, including yourself. Yes, there is a small percentage of people who might not pull their weight, but most people want to do the right thing.

Your mentality of ‘each person for themselves, and screw the rest“ is not a good thing for a healthy society. There is this thing that some people seem to hate nowadays: The Declaration of Independence. In it, there is written the following:

„We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.“

Don’t we all want that? Even you? Shouldn’t we, as a society, make an effort to provide these things for each other? I think you’re ignorant, but if my tax money goes to providing affordable healthcare for you so that you might life longer, that’s fine by me. If not for you, than for your parents, your children, your friends.

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