We will launch CoFiX on October 12, the liquidity mining and trading mining will start simultaneously. https://cofix.io/

We will launch CoFiX on October 12, the liquidity mining and trading mining will start simultaneously.

The new automated market-making protocol CoFiX is to go live at 8 p.m. Singapore Time (UTC +8) on October 12 after seven-months of research, design, development, and testing. A mining program (including liquidity and trading mining) will start at the same time.

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CoFiX protocol will reward users with CoFi tokens, the native token of the CoFiX Protocol. Users can earn CoFi by providing liquidity or trading on CoFiX. Per the token mining incentive system of CoFiX, the protocol will distribute 90% of total CoFi tokens to users through liquidity mining and trading mining. …


Several companies and individuals have been working together on this secret project, CoFiX, for the past seven months. We are grateful and excited that the leading exchanges in the East and the West and top VC in DeFi have supported this project. It is time to introduce this project to more people.

CoFiX is a community-driven DeFi project that was founded in March this year. The founding members of CoFiX include the open-source wallet project AlphaWallet, blockchain security team SECBIT, financial product expert and the CoFiX white paper author Zaugust, and 11 other Individual members. …

An edited version is originally published on Cointelegraph

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In the last two months, the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has seen a dramatic surge of interest, as new platforms promising to disrupt the way people manage their money, transact, earn and entertain themselves have launched in rapid succession in recent months.

Much of this growth has been catalyzed by the meteoric rise of DeFi lending platforms like Maker (MKR) and Aave (LEND), which together now comprise more than 40% of the DeFi market. …

An edited version is originally published on Cointelegraph

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An edited version is originally published on Cointelegraph

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, one thing is clear: the video games industry is thriving.

As people around the world find themselves with more time on their hands’ thanks to government-mandated lockdowns and a partial economic shutdown, video game sales have skyrocketed.

Now, despite being overshadowed by some of the more glamorous uses for blockchain technology, the gaming industry may be poised for a generational leap forward with the advent of asset tokenization — a practice that could see the gaming industry opened up to a whole new wave of investors, while simultaneously unlocking a myriad of benefits for the world’s 2.5 …

AlphaWallet partnered with BCI, the parent of Bartercard, to bring tokenization to eCommerce.

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Over the years since the ICO craze of 2017, there have been numerous spurious propositions of what blockchains are primed to achieve. Tokenization and their ability to produce frictionless markets may be their most salient use, however, outside of preserving a decentralized monetary policy like Bitcoin’s.

That’s why we partnered with Blockchain Investments Group “BCI”, the parent of Bartercard, earlier in the year to bring tokenization to the eCommerce world. …

A Guide for Using Fiat On-ramp Services in AlphaWallet

For a small amount between $10-$250:

You can use many fiat on-ramp serves directly in AlphaWallet browser. For example, you can use Wyre and MoonPay by opening below URLs in AlphaWallet browser: pay.sendwyre.com or buy.moonpay.io or instant.ramp.network/

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Tips: You can add these websites to your bookmarks for future use. Once added, you will have a beautiful website logo appear in your browser home screen. (Clicking the Browser button will bring your back to the browser home screen)

You can also compare the rate and fees between different service providers.

1. Please give a brief introduction to your company

The Web that we have lived with for the last 30years brings information to everyone. Web 2.0 has overlaid it with web-applications, but the model is entirely based on the original Web, which is a one-on-one conversation between the user and a website. The users’ needs are complex, but the user can interact with only one site a time. This dilemma creates centralisation and monopoly.

The Web was the antithesis of ‘information aristocracy’, but with Web 2.0, it has grown into its own aristocracy. However, the new Web 2.0 also makes a “Tokenised Web” conceivable, where a SmartToken layer serves as the integration point that allows web users to use services provided in an unrestricted manner, one that is fully integrated across multiple entities. Blockchain serves as the backbone of this new Web 2.0. We at AlphaWallet have invented TokenScript, which was designed to realise SmartToken use on top of Blockchain technology, similar to how TCP/IP was the Internet’s backbone while HTML enabled the web. …

AlphaWallet is excited to announce to the community our integration with the DeFi Money Market (DMM) ecosystem. Now empowered to earn from the mobile app, AlphaWallet users have access to stable yield (currently set at 6.25%) backed by real-world income-generating assets and can view the value of the corresponding mTokens that are minted by the DMM protocol.

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AlphaWallet users holding Ethereum, USDC, and DAI now have access to both hard wallet level security and a special opportunity to earn on deposits. This integration allows users to swap any of the above-mentioned assets for mTokens (mETH, mUSDC, mDAI), which enable interest payments through the DMM ecosystem. This means permissionless and borderless access to yield with virtually non-existent deposit minimums. What makes this integration unique is the Defi Money Market Ecosystem’s collateralization of real-world assets. Not only is it unique to crypto to offer yield based on real-world income-generating assets, but the Defi Money Market Ecosystem is currently significantly overcollateralized, providing a safe environment for users to earn. All yield provided to ecosystem participants is backed by real-world assets that generate income greater than the interest owed, and all of these real-world assets are transparently made available on the ​DMM Explorer. …

an interview with Ross Peili from Cryptos.com

View this article originally posted on cryptos.com

Questions by Ross Peili (RP) from Cryptos.com, Answers by Victor Zhang (VZ), CEO and Co-Founder of AlphaWallet.

RP: What did you have in mind when starting AlphaWallet, more specifically what it was missing from old Ethereum wallets, the thing you instantly understood you could provide with a next-generation wallet?

Similar to other decentralized wallets, AlphaWallet lets you backup your own pair of keys as well as the seed phrase required in order to restore your wallet in an analogous scenario — something completely absent from custodian wallet providers such as Coinbase, and major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

VZ: We are in the excellent position to fully comprehend blockchain’s capabilities, as well as its flaws. Any blockchain-powered application requires a full application logic (business logic) which includes the logic in smart contract (ownership and transactions rules), and the logic outside the blockchain.

TokenScript is the framework for better blockchain applications

I’m sure you have seen many of these tech stacks before, most of them are correct and quite useful for explaining what technologies are involved with blockchain or web 3.0. But none of them is useful when you need to make an application which uses blockchain.

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A bit confusing? Let’s look into more details; below is the most popular structure for making a blockchain application. No matter web-based or native-app-based, 99% of existing blockchain applications are in this structure.

By using the web framework for both web app and blockchain, it makes a blockchain application nothing more than a web app.


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Making the world more open and fair.

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