Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

Art Fair 2016 @ The Link, Ayala Center, Makati City

I was able to attend the Art Fair 2016 in The Link Carpark at Makati City. I went on the last day of the event and still a large amount of crowd visited the fair.

Gallery #2 “Art Cube” by Daniel dela Cruz

The exhibiting gallery that I choose was the “Art Cube” by Daniel dela Cruz. Everything inside the gallery was sculptures made out of brass. I was able to ask one of the people who was in charge of the exhibit and there was a total of 42 sculptures being exhibited inside the gallery. Sir dela Cruz put his art and his craftsmanship at the service of a deeply spiritual experience. As I enter the room, I could feel my faith calling me. The room is all about faith. It is a sculptural interpretation of the Holy Book. Some of the exhibit is from the Gospel, the Pslams, the Proverbs, and many more.

Special Exhibition #1 Mark Justiniani

I was engage by Mark Justiniani’s work because of it’s beauty and creativity. It was phenomenal because it was really breath taking and very extraordinary. He didn’t use the typical painting materials in his work. He use mini sculptures to create a mirror illusion that fools the naked eye of a person. I was really mind blown because I was like “What the f*ck!? how did he do that? How did he fit it inside of a small box?” I was really confuse when I left the room because I was really thinking how did he do that.

Special Exhibition #2 Mark Salvatus
Trying to post on the wall

I was influenced by the other people who were doing the shading of the coin to the paper and posting it on the wall. It was something familiar because back in my elementary days, me and my classmates where also shading coins at the back of our notebooks and we feel like an artist already. It was really nice doing it because it reminded me of my elementary days. I was really happy because I remember some of my friends and classmates. I leave the exhibit as a confuse one because I still don’t get the point why Mr. Salvatus did that in the Art Fair. He didn’t do anything unusual but he awakened everyone that through that anyone can be an artist.


The overall vibe of the art fair was really exciting because it I think it was my first time to go to a art fair. I was really curious of what it look like and how is it going to be. The first time I entered the room, my jaw drop for it was very crowded. It is something me and my girlfriend would look forward for we enjoyed visiting different galleries and we enjoy some of the artworks that caught our attention. Firstly, I thought that there will be only a few people who will attend the fair but surprisingly it was something to look on by many people. The atmosphere was very lively because you could see from other people really enjoying taking pictures and looking different kinds of art works.