Honor Thy Father Reflection

“Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad.” This must be some beliefs of children about their father. Not all children with believe in this because there are some fathers who doesn’t care much about their children. But for some like me, I am very proud that I have a father who is also a hero for me. My father is a hero for me because he will do anything not just for me but for the joy of the whole family. He will even endure the pain and suffering from work just to give us all our needs. Even though he comes late from work and very tired, it doesn’t stop him from giving some of his time(even the time to get some rest.) That’s my father, he is a super dad for our family.

The Honor Thy Father Film is about a family who struggles from bankruptcy. The father(John Lloyd Cruz) will do anything just to bring up his family from poverty. They almost lost everything and they where demanded by the people who invested in them. He doesn’t give up of how can he pay all the debts they have. He even attempted to rob a bank just to get money. He will do anything for he loves his family so much. He will risk his own life on the line for his family. We children should give respect and love to our father. We might never know how he struggles just to give all our needs. Honor our father is a great movie for the family. It will strengthen the bond of every one. The youth should give thanks not just to their father but also for their mother for they are very lucky if they truly care for you.