How & when to use redux in react projects?

So, what is Redux?

React and Redux in action. Open in full-screen to view the app conveniently
npm install redux react-redux @reduxjs/toolkit
import { Provider } from "react-redux";
import { configureStore } from "@reduxjs/toolkit";
import App from './App';
// main store
const store = configureStore({reducer: reducers });
//App component wrapped in Provider
root.render(<Provider store={store}>
<App />
<Provider /> );
import { connect } from "react-redux";const App = () => {
<Tigray />
//use connect to get store dataexport defautlt connect()(App);
import React from "react";
import { connect } from "react-redux";

import addCityAction from "./actions/addCityAction";
const Tigray = (props) => {
//props now contain storeState and addCityAction
const { city, description, imgUrl } = props;
const onClick = (e) => props.addCityAction(, description, imgUrl,;
const mapStateToProps = (state) => ({ storeState: state });
// wire mapStateToProps to the connect function
export default connect(mapStateToProps,{addCityAction})(Tigray);
import * as ActionType from "./actionTypes";export default (city, description, img, checked) => {
return {
type: ActionType.ADD_CITY, //required
payload: {city, description, img, checked } //optional
import * as ActionType from "../actions/actionTypes";
const addCityReducer = (state = {}, action) => {switch (action.type) { case ActionType.ADD_CITY: return { ...state, []: { selected: action.payload.checked, description: action.payload.description, image: action.payload.img. }}; default:
//return the previous state for any other actions
return state;
}};export default addCityReducer;
import { combineReducers } from "redux";import addCityReducer from "./addCityReducer";export default combineReducers({ addCityReducer });
// main store
const store = configureStore({reducer: reducers });
import React, { useState } from "react";import { Modal, Button } from "semantic-ui-react";import { connect } from "react-redux";const SelectedCities = (props) => {const selectedCitiesList = props.state.addCityReducer;const [open, setOpen] = useState(false);const renderCities = () => {
// keys of the selected list object
const selected = Object.keys(selectedCitiesList);
const count = ("count", Object.values(selectedCitiesList).filter((a) => a.selected === true).length);if (count === 0) { return <div>You have not selected cities</div>;}return => {
const city = selectedCitiesList[element];
// do not render if not selected
if (!city.selected) {
return null;
return (
<div key={element} className="item">
<img className="ui avatar image" src={city.image} alt {element} />
<div className="content">
<div className="header">{element}</div>
</div> );
return (<React.Fragment>
<Modal onClose={() => setOpen(false)} onOpen={() => setOpen(true)}
open={open} trigger={ <Button className="floated-action-button">Show my list</Button> } >
<Modal.Header>Your selected cities</Modal.Header>
<div className="ui middle aligned selection list"> {renderCities()}
<Button color="black" onClick={() => setOpen(false)}>
const MapStateToProps = (state) => ({ state: state });
export default connect(MapStateToProps)(SelectedCities);





A front-end engineer interested in javascript and UX design

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Victor Bahta T.

Victor Bahta T.

A front-end engineer interested in javascript and UX design

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