Tough surfboard community is slow to adapt any new technology and trend, many of them feel it is just like going against the current. This is why not until the recent close of Clark Foam in 2005 did we see the influx of new surfboard construction with different foam and materials. One such new creation was the Firewire surfboard that has come with distinct wooden rails and funky air valve.

What’s the specialty about Firewire surfboards?

When it comes to surfboard templates, Firewire surfboards will make you rethink what you thought you knew about surfboard shape. They have cool designs, allowing for perfect balance between flex and strength. They can wade well through choppy waves successfully. Their optimal flexural construction ensures strengthening perimeter, where the surfer can apply a more control weight to the surfboard’s rail thus gaining more controlled buoyancy.

Balancing flexibility and stiffness on the perimeter of a Firewire surfboard allows you to lean into the stringer in turns rather than a foam rail. As pressure is applied to the wooden rail stringer, it bends and shoots you into the direction you are turning as it flexes back.

Currently Firewire is running a Slater Designs line that features the “Sci-Fi,” a very cool board with a tail like you have never seen. Firewire also pushes the limits of surfboard shape with shapers like Tomo.

Let’s take a look across Firewire surfboards.

Firewire focuses on three things during product development. They are: exclusive use of epoxy resins and EPS foam cores, achieving lighter and stronger surfboard through sandwich construction and optimizing flex to enhance performance. Though linear flex technology (LFT) may appear to be a simple construction employing familiar design philosophies found in traditionally built surfboards.

LFT incorporates Firewire’s new SPRINGGER HD, wide aerospace composite that runs down the centerline of the board, representing the next generation in the Springer technology. Unlike the original balsa Springer build that only added stiffness under the front foot, the Springer HD runs the entire length of the board and plays a pivotal role in optimizing flex from nose to tail.

The Modern Planning Hull represents a major change in the approach to high performance surfboard design and the Vanguard model is the product of precise mathematical formulas and geometry.

Here it is seen below. Check to understand a major change in the approach to high performance has been brought about.

The hydrodynamic architecture of the Vanguard renews the approach to surfboard design and the art of riding waves. Inspired by the incredible feats of athleticism exhibited by one of the top professional surfers, Tomo (Daniel Thomson), its design has been created. That further helps 21st century surfers expand their abilities. Higher degrees of speed, electric wave attack and radical aerial potential are all possible with this highly tuned machine.

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